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Pastor Vernel Samuel

Vernel Samuel is a people builder, family man, author, pastor and musician. His passion is to re-present the biblical truths and principles of Jesus Christ in a practical way. His book “The Jesus Mind” is his first published work and is available digitally as well as in print. He is the founder of a Church in New York City called Hungry 4 God (H4G) and the H4G Supernatural School of Ministry.


His latest book “Following The Cloud” was released November 2019! It is now available on Amazon.

H4G Supernatural School Of Ministry exists to develop, disciple and deploy believers into the world as revivalists & leaders of change. Using a revelation-based approach to learning, students become not just mere intellectuals but intimates with God, equipped to hear His voice and bring Heaven's realities into the world around them. 

- You will learn how to hear the Voice of God and walk with God in the most fulfilling way imaginable.

- You will be equipped to live like Jesus lived and do the works that Jesus did. 

- You will move from Bible Study to Bible Experience, from theology to reality. 

- You will be equipped to become effective not only in ministry, but in your personal life and relationships. 

H4G Supernatural School Of Ministry
Virtual Open House 12/14
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