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Are you a Christian entrepreneur seeking to integrate your faith and business journey? Look no further! Hungry 4 God School of Ministry presents "Jesus & Business," a virtual event designed to equip and inspire Christian entrepreneurs like you. This unique event brings together successful business leaders, seasoned mentors, and fellow Christian entrepreneurs to share their experiences, wisdom, and strategies.

Topics include:

  1. Faith-Based Entrepreneurship: Explore how to align your business vision and practices with biblical principles, while maintaining ethical standards and integrity.

  2. Building a Kingdom-Centered Business: Discover practical steps to infuse your business with a Kingdom mindset, creating a positive impact on employees, customers, and communities.

  3. Navigating Challenges with Faith: Gain insights on overcoming obstacles and persevering through faith during the entrepreneurial journey. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs who have faced and triumphed over various challenges.

  4. Prayer, Purpose, and Vision: Deepen your understanding of the role of prayer in decision-making, clarifying your purpose, and creating a compelling vision for your business.

  5. Mentorship and Networking: Learn about the importance of mentorship and the power of networking in growing your business. Connect with like-minded Christian entrepreneurs and potential mentors to foster valuable relationships.

This event is tailored for Christian entrepreneurs at any stage of their business journey. Whether you're a seasoned business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or someone exploring the idea of starting your own business, "Jesus & Business" provides a platform for learning, growth, and encouragement.

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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